Seave Variant Filtration Platform

Beginning January 2015

Following my employment at the Garvan Institute, I took it upon myself to develop a variant filtration platform for use in clinical genomics. This platform came to be called Seave and is internally in use by researchers, commercially and by clinicians.

Bioinformatics Contracting

September 2013 - March 2014

I worked on a contractual basis for Biomatters Ltd. and Caldera Health developing an extensive bioinformatics pipeline and analysis suite for the development of a high-throughput sequencing test for prostate cancer.

Launched September 2013

I created, own and operate the website which is the service counterpart to

Many users do not have the advanced skills in LaTeX required to successfully modify a template to suit their unique requirements. Some users also have an existing document in another format that they wish converted to LaTeX but lack the know-how for how to do it themselves. The purpose of LaTeX Typesetting is to provide a fast, knowledgeable and friendly service for anyone wishing to utilize the power of LaTeX.

Launched April 2012

I created, own and operate the website which provides easy to use templates for use in the document preparation system LaTeX.

I became interested in LaTeX during the start of my graduate degree but was frustrated that there seemed to be no central resource for templates that I could use to learn LaTeX in a hands-on way and get quick results. This prompted me to create a LaTeX Templates page on the original website which was around for several years and gained a steady flow of visitors. Eventually I decided that this area deserved better treatment so I created the website in its current form.

The website has been created with two main principles in mind: design and ease of use. I have long been interested in design and aesthetics but this website was my first exercise in graphics design. I learned a great deal from creating it which I have applied in other aspects of my personal and professional life - such as in the presentations I give. Ease of use was an important driver in the design choices I made, I believe that the website needs to be simple, clean and efficient with providing templates. No one wants to spend a long time navigating a complex website which is invariably designed to maximise advertising revenue. Similarly, the templates themselves are significantly modified to make them easy for users to edit.